MyCostPro makes it easy to manage your eBay inventory:

Active Listing Tab (Above)
This image shows how the you can click to download all of your Active Listings from eBay…
In this example the listing quantity starts at (2), and the live eBay listing is updated to (3) quantity with just a few clicks.
You can also update the Buy-It-Now prices the same way! Update as many listings as you want, all at once, with one click!

MyCostPro makes it easy to manage your sold item list:

Sold Listing Tab (Above)
This image shows how the you can download all of your sold items from the past 90 days… with the CLICK of a button!
The data layout allows for a few super-easy ways to view/hide the data that you actually do/don’t want to see;

1. Click any column header description to toggle it between Full View and a Bookmark View. None of the text is visible while in Bookmark View, but you may choose this view to easily access the data when you want to see it (from time to time).

2. Some specific details may not be important to you within a certain Category Group. For example, maybe you don’t want to see “Starting Price” in the “Listing Details” Group because you always sell with “Buy it Now.” Put an “h” above this columns, and toggle to show or hide all hidden columns in the Group by clicking the double triangle button above each Group Bookmark.

3. Click any Category Group header to collapse or expand the entire Group; Don’t care about customer details? Collapse the entire Customer Details section into a single low profile Group Bookmark with a single click!

The MyCostPro dashboard clearly shows Key Performance Indicators:

Dashboard Widgets (Above)
There are 9 Data Widgets on the Dashboard. This image gives an example of 3 of them; the user can modify them as desired to show the data and date range most desirable. See how much Profit, income, etc you’re making quickly right from the MyCostPro Excel Dashboard!

The MyCostPro Pro Query makes studying your seller data easy:

Pro Query (Above)
With MyCostPro, you can easily filter your sales data to determine your best selling items or categories, allowing you to focus on the most profitable listings!

MyCostPro provides easy reporting of your sales data:

Automated Analytic Reports (Above)
This image shows the various reports that you have at your disposal… your accountant will love you (especially if your “accountant” is your spouse!)
Easily navigate between the various reports, and between years and months; the reports are automatically generated from the data on the spreadsheet.

MyCostPro makes it easy to print your data:

Real. Life. Reports. (Above)
Sometimes it’s just better to put something on paper… it’s more personal… you can touch it, file it, or share it in person. Go ahead… click that print button!

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