Multiple Account Tutorial

Here are the steps to configur MyCostPro:

  1. If you haven’t figured out how to get things working with a single account, follow steps 1-14 here first!
  2. After entering a download key and linking your first account in step 1 above, click the “Account Info” button under the “Tools and Settings” section on the Home tab of MyCostPro.
  3. Enter names for your second (and possibly third) account that make sense for you under the “Store Names” section
  4. Paste the additional download keys in the “Your Download Keys” section. Each eBay account requires its own download key for use in MyCostPro.
  5. For each additional account, click the “Get Token” button.
  6. A popup window informs you that you will be directed via web browser to the eBay website to validate your account. This is a step that will need to be completed every 18 months. Click the “OK” button to dismiss the new dialog.
  7. A web browser will then appear with an eBay sign-in dialog. Sign into the eBay account you want associated with the account number you are configuring.
  8. Click the “Agree” button to accept eBay’s terms and allow MyCostPro to connect to your secondary account.
  9. Close the web browser.
  10. You are now setup to combine multiple accounts in MyCostPro!
  11. When downloading Sold/Unsold data from eBay, you can now select which account you are requesting data for in a drop-down box underneath to download button.
  12. Data for each account must be requested separately, but once retrieved, the data will be combined and sortable in a single table in MyCostPro.
  13. The animated gif below will step you through this process visually.